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Pongamia Oil 100 ml(புங்கை எண்ணெய்)

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  • Pungam seed oil emerges as the alternative to the chemical pesticides due to its bio-degradability and botanical nature.
  • It is a very good repellent for pests and has various uses other than in agriculture as medicinal (skin diseases), public health care, cosmetic and veterinary applications.
  • It's organic and biodegradable.
  • It's used in Agriculture as bio-pesticides.
  • It's alternatives to conventional synthetic insecticide.
  • It's very good repellent for pests.
  • You can safely use it on your indoor and outdoor plants and trees.
  • You can use it to control insects at all stages of development.
  • It's safe for greenhouse use.
  • It's safe to use around pets and wildlife.
  • It effectively controls hundreds of insects.
  • Beneficial earthworms won't be harmed.
  • Protect your veggies from pests


  • Traditional Medicines for thousands of years
  • Traditional Medicine for treating skin disease
  • Karanja twigs were used as tooth brush in ancient times
  • Widely used for pesticides, insecticidal and bactericidal activity
  • Used as a pesticide in agriculture
  • Psoriasis and dandruff and scalp itch
  • Promotes healing of wounds
  • Good for pets to relieve itchy condition
  • Insecticidal used in agriculture also
  • It helps to cleanse skin, as well as heal damaged skin
  • Karanja oil is insecticidal and anti-parasitic